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Educated Board Members

Our live virtual training classes are convenient, informative and interactive from the comfort of your home in our live master class format.  Meet other board members for networking and support. 

Professional Training is so critical for board members. Those who believe their business or professional expertise provides them all they need to know about running a community association are wrong. While those skills are helpful, managing an association and its members require specific association training to obtain required knowledge and the ability to apply the knowledge. Significant training preparation is necessary for HOA Board Members.

Some states and counties realize the importance of HOA Board Member training and have enacted  mandatory training.  Two hours of training is insufficient to assist board members with knowledge, understanding and application.  Board members make important decisions about the quality of home life for members, enforcement of rules and regulations, create policies, mange and supervise assets. Live comprehensive hands-on virtual training program and coaching upon completion is necessary.

Our Certified community Board members training program is the perfect place to begin training for well rounded comprehensive real world training.  While we do offer single workshops to our members, this is a full live virtual series of training workshops for HOA Board Members.  

Our instructors are seasoned experienced board members with a proven track record of real world association leadership knowledge and application skills. They know firsthand how to handle association related issues.  A person who talks about being on an HOA Board but has not served on a community association board as an officer are not allowed to train as a lead instructor in our board member classes.  Only
experienced Board officers who know when to enter Executive session. 

Cost:  The Association may provide reimbursement for Board related training for board members.  Our fees range from $100 to $300 per workshop.   

Board Training Workshops:

 (Certificate upon completion}

Board Management of Community Association: Governing documents of the association, State laws, Structure of the Board, Directors’ Responsibilities, Committees of the Association, Meetings, Homeowner Relations, Budget, Finances, Insurance, Reserve Study, Amending the documents, Adopting Rules, Enforcing the documents, Preserving the Architectural community concept, Legal and Financial Advisors, Selecting and monitoring vendors and management companies.    (Each section can be divided into one workshop ranging from 2 to 3 hours )


President:  Governing Role Analysis and Responsibilities. Association Leadership and Management. 

Treasurer: Governing Role Analysis and Responsibilities. Interpreting and projecting financial reports.  

Secretary:  Governing Role Analysis and Responsibilities. Minutes, Correspondence, Records Management.

Resolutions:  How to write, implement and enforce resolutions.

Covenant Enforcement Officer:  Covenant and Architectural Review Board (ARB) management study and enforcement application. 

Contractor Management and Contract Negotiation:  Contracts, Request for Proposals, Developing and maintaining successfully working relationships with contract vendor.

Reserve Study Analysis:  Reserve study components and analysis.

Insurance Analysis:  Insurance contracts, Types of association insurance, Policy analysis, Claims management.

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