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Certified Board Management of Community Associations- President

The CBMCA-P Examination is a two-hours, 135 question multiple choice exam that tests applicants in:

  • Governing Documents

  • Ethical and Legal Issues

  • Community Management and Leadership

  • Enforcement

  • Financial Management

  • Budgets

  • Reserves

  • Investments, and Assessments

  • Risk Management and Insurance

  • Conducting Meetings

  • Minutes

  • Resolutions

  • Contracting

  • Managing Vendors

  • Managing Management Companies

  • Presidential Board Cases


Examination Formats and Fees Virtual Computer Based Exam Format.  

Take the exam in the comfort of your home through our virtual monitored computer testing center.  When you sign up for the virtual computer-based exam you must take the exam within thirty days. 

Test Results: Immediately after you complete the exam, your test will be scored by our computer based system and you will be given the results in a pass or fail report.

Exam Cost: $100 includes the registration fee and examination. CBMCA-P applicants may retake the virtual computer based examination three times for $100 per retake. Fees are nonrefundable and cannot be transferred to another test date beyond thirty days after repayment of the retake fee.

Cancellation:  Must be made 48 hours prior to the test date to be rescheduled based upon availability within your thirty day time-frame.  If not, you will forfeit your exam fee and will be required to repay the exam fee prior to rescheduling your exam.

Re-certification Credentials:  Upon passing your exam and receiving your certification, you will be allowed to use the CBMCA-P credential status until your certification expiration date.  You must renew yearly to remain active and to continue use of the certification credentials. The certification renewal fee is $100.  One online continuing education workshop will be required.  The workshop fee is not included with the certification fee. 

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