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HOA Board Training and Services 

The Homeowners Association Board Institute, a division of Castle Cream, was founded by Board members with twenty years of extensive business administration and management experience to educate and assist Board members with the tremendous task of governing members and community property of their homeowner's association.


Your role as a community board member is important to the survival of your homeowner's association.  Without your leadership the association would fail to meet its full obligation to the community.  It is people like you who help our communities run smoothly and increase property values through association management.   

Once elected or appointed to the office of the Board as President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Member, and Member-At-Large, you realize the magnitude of the position.  You are given governing documents and are expected to read and understand each page and do the best job possible.  Without any formal training, board members could make lack of knowledge and experience mistakes that can be devastating to homeowners and the association.


Thus, the HOA Board Institute was born to offer training, certification, networking and communication services to new and experienced Homeowners Association Board members and their communities.  We hope to be a refuge for support and development and partner to the Board working together to make our communities better.

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